What makes us different?

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Established by Dylan Roberts in 2008 Canllaw believes strongly that Full Financial Planning is absolutely vital before any Financial Decisions are taken. Decisions regarding any aspect of your Financial Arrangements must consider the sort of future you want to enjoy and the costs involved with achieving it.


How much to invest, what sort of investment arrangement, where to invest and how much risk to take all depend on what it is your investment needs to achieve.


As with investments, the sort of future you want to create and enjoy will determine the pension arrangements that best suit your circumstances.


How much and what type of protection and over what period of time, again depend on the lifestyle you and your family want to enjoy in the future.

Designing your Desired Destiny

We cannot see how any advice can be given regarding your Financial Arrangements until you have undergone Full Financial Planning including your personal Cash-Flow analysis as offered by our "Designing your Desired Destiny”.

"Designing your Desired Destiny” takes account of your plans and desires for the future, your current situation as well as your short and medium term goals to provide you with your unique and personal financial plan.

This will then be the basis for any arrangements which need to be put in place to ensure you start your journey towards your desired lifestyle, and also the personal financial map which will be referred to annually to ensure you remain on the right road.

As well as the planning we offer a fully comprehensive financial advice service to ensure the right arrangements are put in place. We are committed to being fully independent, thus offering advice on products from the whole of the market.

We base our recommendations on performance, service, cost and corporate stability.

Our main aims are

  • to provide a personal and professional service to our clients
  • to surpass client expectations
  • to provide reports and advise using language you will understand
  • to invest in and utilise the potential provided by the latest technology for gathering information and for communicating where appropriate
  • to earn the trust and respect of our clients through our expert knowledge and up-to-date awareness of industry developments.

Begin your journey to your desired destiny today!