Canllaw Contented Client Process

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Here at Canllaw we have Clients not Customers!

We provide a long term, on-going service enabling us to work with our Clients, giving them the best possible opportunity to achieve their financial goals and aspirations.

Our Process is divided into three distinct stages all designed to ensure clarity, simplicity and the best chance of achieving those hopes and dreams.

The Canllaw Strategy Process

  • The Discovery Meeting – This is when we get to know our Clients and they get to understand exactly how we work. We also get a full and clear picture of our Clients plans for their future, how they hope things will develop and what are the really important things they want to achieve.
  • The Analysis – Here we undergo a full and in-depth analysis of our Clients current circumstances and arrangements, and get to understand how these fit in with their plans and aspirations.
  • The Report and Recommendations – We provide Clients with a personal report, including a Lifetime Cashflow Forecast, outlining their current circumstances, confirming their existing plans and arrangements along with any recommendations about how we can ensure that their hopes and dreams can be fulfilled.
  • The Catalyst Meeting – This is our Clients opportunity to discuss fully our recommendations and to fully understand our reasoning behind them. We feel that fully understanding their finances and their arrangements is vital.

The Canllaw Implementation Process

  • The Full Plan Implementation – Following the Catalyst Meeting and the agreement of the Client all arrangements needed to fulfil the agreed Strategy are put in place.

The Canllaw Review Process

The Plan Monitoring Process – The progress of the plans and arrangements is regularly monitored.

  • The Client Communication Process – Regular up-dates are provided ensuring that Clients are kept fully up to date with the progress of the plans which make up their personal strategy.
  • The Full Strategy Review – This is the opportunity for our Clients to meet with us on an annual basis to discuss, review and up-date the their strategy.

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