How we work

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At our initial meeting, which is entirely at our expense, you will have the opportunity to get to know us and understand exactly how we operate. You will get the chance to decide whether "Designing your Desired Destiny” is the service you need to get to grips with your fiancés and to move on towards achieving your desired lifestyle.

We will also get to know you better allowing us to decide whether we feel that working together will be beneficial to you.

If we both agree that working together will be in your best interest we will begin the process by asking you to help us fully understand your current situation and lifestyle. This will involve some homework for you regarding your current expenditure and income and inevitably work by ourselves in researching your existing financial arrangements.

In addition we will need to get to know you better, especially in terms of what your plans and desires are for the future. This is    probably the area most Clients initially struggle with, and if that sounds like you don't worry, we will help you with this! Other Clients know exactly what it is they want to achieve and when, so we can help them on the road to achieving their aims.

The most important part of "Designing your Desired Destiny” is getting you to think very carefully what sort of lifestyle you want to enjoy and what it is you want to achieve. This will be outlined fully in the financial plan which we will produce for you. This plan will contain a full summary of your current situation, a clear and concise outline of your plans and desires and their financial implications as well as guidelines as to what needs to be done to achieve your desired lifestyle.

In producing your plan we will use probably the most comprehensive technology currently available which allows you to "play-around”and see exactly what affects different plans and actions will have on your financial future. This allows us to answer all sort of questions, such as:

  • What do I need to do now to ensure I can do those things when I retire that I have always dreamt of?
  • How much income will we require when we retire to really enjoy ourselves after years of hard graft?
  • Are we on-track to achieving that income by the time we want it?
  • If we were to help our son with a deposit on a house, what would be the affect on our financial well being?
  • What difference would retiring 4 years earlier make in monetary terms?
  • Can I afford to spend £20,000 on my daughter's wedding?

Begin your journey to your desired destiny today!